One fine day

I feel my eyes hanging out of my skull, and horses are racing in my head. Not by a coincidence or a sickness but for how I started my day.

My mom woke me up at four in the afternoon, she is going to an appointment so I have to click the button ON for my duty as the older sister. Everything is going smoothly as usual, my ten years old brother is playing with his laptop and my four years little brother is doing something with a coin and the rest of the inhabitants are asleep. I stood up in the kitchen making myself a cheese sandwich while my little brother is asking my how to wear his shoes. I helped him to wear them the right way, laughing and giggling with him, and in a blink of an eye.. he was gone. 

It was quiet for ten seconds, it is weird to have ten seconds of silence in the afternoon, so I called his name to check in and there is no response. I remembered that he wore his shoes, therefore I ran as fast as I can to the house’s door praying that what I think of is not happening, but unfortunately it is.. the door was all opened. I went to the street’s door praying for it to be closed but it was opened too.

I shouted like a crazy middle aged woman in the middle of the empty street in his name but he vanished. I started to panic, but I have hope that he did not go far yet, so I told my my ten years brother to look for him near the house but he could not find him as well, here I started to panic for real.

I have no other option rather than waking up my twenty years old brother to go and find him with his car because in that moment he would be gone far. I had no patience so I woke up my other teen brother to go and search for him in the other side of the neighborhood. I sent my only two soldiers to the field, keeping my ten years old brother by my side because I am sure he would be lost too five feet away from the house.   

I was not actually that scared of losing him because I know that we acted so fast, my only fear was my parents coming to the house while three of their children are out side running during my watch. 

After like five minutes they found him at the grocery shop at the end of the street. They found him buying a ball, chocolate egg and bunch of other candies with a half Riyal. 

My twenty years old brother said that he only waits for our lost brother to grow a little more so he can bunch him, and that made me crack so loud despite the next statuation we are facing which is what are going to say to our parents?  We have a very understanding father, who takes everything easy. So we had to agree upon a lie so that he would not know about what happened. We came up with a perfect lie that my father did not even have a second thought about. We told him that our precious little brother could not stop crying because of their absence so we had to buy him stuff so he can stop crying. 

I do not know if that was the reason for me now to feel tired? Or I am really sick. But it was really a chaotic day. I am thankful for my mom because when I told her the truth she laughed with me, that is the attitude that I am going for when I become a mom, to make my kids laugh about their mistakes and make them open to talk about it freely with me. 

I was planning to have a clay class with my ten years old brother today but I have no energy to do so, that escape took all my energy out but maybe tomorrow. 

Goodbye guys


The reason why I wrote this in English is because I had a section on the blog for English diaries but I only wrote once. With this story I though it would be a great idea to have it under that section also to make sure that my daddy will not read it. 🙂  

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