A window

It was like a shower of love. An umbrella or almost a shield. The sun was straight to my face. I couldn’t avoid it so I just closed my eyes, but he noticed. He grabbed his sun visor and put it on the other side in which was the sun attacking me. He thought that I did not notice his little act but I did.

I was in a cold mood for almost a week because of an awful attitude that he showed me over something. I couldn’t do anything but act cold. Not to laugh at his jokes and not to look at his eyes. I think he noticed the change in my personality with him but he chose not to talk about it so I just changed. I wanted him to know that what he did was not acceptable and I think it worked somehow. I am frustrated because of his attitude not of his opinion. But I hope he got the point.

When he showed how he cares for me today, I thought to myself” I can’t change people, but I can change the way I am thinking” so I just turned to my normal self again. Thinking about not doing what he did to me for anyone else in my life. It is a lesson and I should be thankful.

If you see this dad-and I am sure he is not- I am thankful for everything you did and still doing and I love you even if you do things that might hurt me in a way that you don’t understand.

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